Best Woodworking Projects for College Students


Finish these woodworking projects with your best college buddies! You can do so with ease if you read really good articles on which saws to choose for each project.

Elegant Cabinet


A cabinet that looks stunning is a cabinet made with friends. Work with Kwila to showcase the magnificent color and beautiful qualities of wood. A cabinet is an excellent gift for another comrade or for your favorite professor! Every college student or college professor needs another cabinet after all. Make an elegant cabinet and not only will you be able to improve your creativity; you’ll also have the chance to bond more with your best friends!

Writing Desk


College days are full of write-ups. Essays. Research. Articles. Those things don’t seem to stop coming by! Well, for this, it’s best to build a writing desk. It could accommodate one or two students, or you could create a writing desk for everyone! Add a drawer, and watch it be more functional. If you want a table that belongs to a writer at heart, then surely this one would suffice. It offers that extraordinary feeling that can inspire those who write.

Katana Bench


Lastly, make a bench for everyone to enjoy. This project is a bit tricky because of the shape, but the result will make you and your college friends happy because it’s simple yet playful at the same time. For this woodworking project, don’t forget to use Eastern walnut. Apply your favorite finish after, coat it with varnish, and voila! A thoughtfully designed bench for the most memorable college moments with your fave squad!


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