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College is both amazing and dreadful. We receive hundreds of tweets and hilarious messages about their experiences in college. We would like to start our post with something fun. We hope you enjoy the list.

Studying with background music is a good idea, but you realize you didn’t learn at all.

Yes, it happens to us everyday. We want to study and want to play some music to waken up our sleepy head, but always end up singing the songs. The solution we found to solve this problem is to play something without words.

Social media can be a major distraction.

Are we alone in this? You are studying and you heard your phone beep, then you check it what it was. You saw a  hilarious picture your friend posted, then you started browsing and browsing and forgot about your studies. The truth is anything that is not a book can be your enemy while studying. We suck at this ourselves but try to manage your time and focus.

We like attending in classes if the professor knows how to make everyone get a good laugh.

We hate to admit it but we are guilty of favoritism. We like professors who have sense of humor and look forward to their classes. For terror professors, we find ourselves slapping our faces to help us not to doze off and attract attention.

Saturdays should be a day of fun but bed keeps you from going.

This is our regular dilemma every Saturday. We want to go out, eat something nice, probably shop around if the allowance allows it but it’s really hard to get up. On weekdays we have to stay on schedule to meet our classes and Saturday is a day of freedom. But most of the time, those outdoor fun become dreams.

Checking class cards can be a nerve wracking experience.

It’s the time to see how you did in school. Class cards will be a written proof to that. But you are not sure how you did well. Checking your grades sends butterflies in your stomach, the world stops, and the scary music plays until you saw you passed. The sun shines, the party starts, and you would like to do a happy dance but you don’t want to look awkward.

Your back is saying “please don’t have to bring your whole house!”

When the semester is about to end, we are flooded with projects, assignments, and paper works we don’t know how we can possibly accomplish before the deadline. So we bring every references we know. The strap of your bag pack is almost crying for help.

Cleaning Swimming Pool Robot Stairs Water Blue

We all know college can be tough. And when I say “tough,” I don’t mean the deadlines and paperwork alone—I also mean the stress and the finances. But college is also an excellent time to go beyond school and start a business of your own. Believe it or not, offering pool services is one of the best ways to make extra cash when you’re in college. Here’s how you can do that:

Step 1: Know the Business

pool-cleaner-climbing-wallsRead Pool cleaning 101. Learn the basics. Know what pool cleaning is about. It’s not just about removing debris from the pool, brushing the floors, and scrubbing the dirt away from walls. But it’s also about knowing pool chemicals and knowing how to maintain a pool’s filtration system. If you have the budget, you could purchase an efficient robotic pool cleaner that you can use for service. These cleaners are so easy to use and maintain because they have their own filter bags. You’ll only have to wait a few hours for it to finish. You can even do your assignments while it cleans! Easy money!

Step 2: Purchase the Right Equipment

Cleaning Swimming Pool Robot Stairs Water BlueAfter reading everything you have to know about pool cleaning, it’s now time to buy the right gears. I suggest you opt for automatic pool cleaners because they aren’t stressful to use. They could be expensive, so be sure you’re prepared to invest in a good one. You could, however, start with manual cleaning if you really have no cash to purchase an automatic pool cleaner yet. Just upgrade your equipment gradually as your business prospers.

Step 2: Advertise


Marketing your business is crucial. You should know who your target audience is. For a pool business, it’s best to target those people are too busy to clean their pools or those who want to save up money by hiring a person instead of purchasing their own robotic cleaner. You could also target those who are just plain lazy! After knowing your audience, advertise using the appropriate media. You could print out flyers and give them away to your friends who know people who own pools. You could also set up your blog or put up a Facebook page or Twitter account. Nowadays, almost everyone’s turning to the internet to find the information they need. You should be able to provide that info to get more customers. Pool maintenance could also be a seasonal business depending on the climate of the area you are living in. Be sure to promote your pool cleaning business properly so you could easily find clients.

And that’s it! Just follow these three easy steps, and you can make money with your cleaner!


Wouldn’t it be nice to finally find the best and most trustworthy CS:GO case opening sites? Well, here’s some good news for you: We have discovered the five biggest and best sites! Who said your college days won’t get any better?

Go ahead, try opening some cases for yourself!


If you haven’t played Counter Strike: Global Offensive yet, then you should be familiar with three words: case, weapon, and key.



A case is dropped randomly once a match ends. Anyone in the lobby can receive a case. Sometimes, two or three people in the lobby can also receive more than a single case. You should know that a case won’t be dropped until there are sufficient players in a single lobby with bots. What about your chances of winning, you ask? You can earn two case drops a week. Thursday is the start of the week, which means if you get two case drops on Wednesday, you can still earn case drops on Thursday.

CS:GO cases are like trading cards. You could earn a very rare item in one case, but get an average item in the next one. The more you play, the higher the chances of you earning cases.

If you don’t like to wait for a case to drop, then there’s another way to open one: Buy from the Steam Marketplace. Some cases are very affordable, and some are expensive. Of course, the costly ones have a much better case list (more of this in the next section).



What’s inside the case? A weapon with a camo. If you’re fortunate enough, you could even get a StatTrak type of weapon. There’s a case list which can show you all the possible weapons, as well as the camos, that you could get from that case. Make sure you click that list. The weapon can be very common or very rare.

You could also open multiples of the similar case and receive the exact weapon twice.

Take note that weapons which are offered in cases can be put up for sale and purchases on the Steam Marketplace. That means if you received two weapons that are the same, you could sell the other on the Marketplace.


Obviously, you’ll need a key to open a case. You can’t open a case unless you have the key that matches it. So, if you’re given an E-sports case at the end of a match, you’ll need to purchase an E-sports key from the home screen to open the case. A key is worth USD 2.49. Every key will have the same price, and the cost isn’t subject to change.


farmskinsThere’s actually an easier way to open a case, and that’s to check out the link in the introduction. These sites will allow you to open a case as if you’re in an actual game. You just have to open a case, wait for the marker to start and stop, and hope that you receive the item you want.


Ah, college days. Or should we say, the real coming-of-age days?

College can truly be fun and exciting, especially for those who are still looking to find themselves in order to become better people in the future. For these people, every academic activity will become a stepping stone and one mile forward to the mountain of knowledge they seek of to have a successful life. And for these people, every co-curricular activity will become a stepping stone and one meter forward to the ocean of skills they seek of to have a purposeful life.

Then again…

College can also truly be boring and exhausting, even for those who are already looking to find themselves in order to become better people in the future. For these people every academic activity will become a stumbling stone and one mile backward to the mountain of knowledge they seek of to have a successful life. And for these people, every co-curricular activity will become a stumbling stone and one meter backward to the ocean of skills they seek of to have a purposeful life.

And then again…

You can always water your college life through good memories – not just for the sake of applying into your life what you have learned throughout the years such as that of what you’ve been taught about reverse osmosis, but also for the sake of being able to appreciate every single moment in the days ahead of you. Simply put, it’s like growing a plant and waiting for it to turn into a tall tree – filled with branches that serve as your foundation and connections to other people, filled with leaves that serve as your support and relationships with other people, filled with fruits that serve as your knowledge and lessons about other people.

And that’s because at the end of the day, all that matters in your college days is you being able to make every moment count – be it good or bad – and make them into the kind of memory that will always have a place in your heart and will teach you more about who you are later in life.

And that’s because at the end of the day, all that matters in your college days is you being able to make every moment count – be it good or bad – and make them into the kind of memory that will always have a place in your mind and will teach you more about what you are later in life.

Are you watering your college life through good memories?

Share your college experience with us by commenting below!