College life became easier when you are surrounded by people who are willing to support you and can be your friend. Whenever we hold meetings and hear students how joining the group change their lives, we can’t help but express our gratitude to everyone because we feel the same thing. Some of the members already graduated and still regularly get in touch with us. By the help of everyone, we created a better community of students and hopefully the impact our group made will not stop in college but will also going to impact them when they have their jobs or after graduating. Related Articles: What are the benefits of group work?, Using Study Groups, and Do’s and Don’ts: College Study Groups.

Creative Activities

Students depend on their allowances and this is something we understand. Our group conducts activities and events that off course involve money, instead of having students donate their money, as a group, we do fund raising activities and small time businesses to collect funds. One of those things is the MMS raffle. It was so successful that we use it as the name of the website. We all work hard to contribute and raise funds. Helpful Articles: and

How Do We Spend Our Group Funds

Last year, we decided that we should spend summertime together. We used our funds to help everyone join. We spend the funds for food and travel expenses. Everyone had fun and enjoyed our summer get away. So we decided to make this a yearly thing.