rules keep off the grass

To stay focused and maintain the order in the group, we created rules. These rules are not only helpful while in college but also in life. Our group leaders consulted experts to guide in creating rules that we will all go by. Also, we read many articles about life such as: 8 Keys to Dealing with Problem People, How to deal with life problems and How to Survive College to help us come up with the rules.

Never do drugs no matter how hard life is.

In MMS Raffle, we don’t tolerate the use of drugs because it is a destructive way of facing your problems. Taking drugs wont make anything better, it will just make things worst than it already is.

Never bully anyone because of his/her differences.

We embrace individuality. We hate bullies. Nobody is perfect and has the right to bully anyone just because it makes him/her feel better.

Know balance between fun and studies.

We want to graduate and that’s our goal while we’re in college yet we don’t want our college days to be remembered as gray and dull so we go out and have fun sometimes. But know the balance. Our goal is to graduate, first things first.

Make an effort to participate

We encourage participation because we want to know you better. This is for you, to help you make good friends and enjoy the group’s company.

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