Why Create This Website?

We are a group of college students. The group has been established for 4 years now and we thought it’s the right time to create a website. This website focuses on helping students like us to survive college.

How We Can Help?

College life is one of the best times and also one of the toughest stage of a person’s life. We can help by providing resources to help our fellow students and members complete their projects and school requirements. Our group sets group studies to encourage interest on toughest subjects.

Stop Bullying

It is also a support group for those who are being bullied. We hate bullying. We MMS Raffles believe that everyone is entitled to treated humanely. We support school staff and organizations like,
PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center, and www.endcyberbullying.or who are trying to prevent bullying and create  a better community of students who value respect and equality.  Believe it or not, bullying still exist in college. Most of the time, its victims end up dropping their subject, do poor in school, and worst, victims resort to suicide.

Building A Healthy Community Of Students

Our group can’t resolve all the issues one may encounter in college as we are limited ourselves. Another thing that we focus on is the use of illegal drugs. Unlike other groups, where you have to learn vices in order to be cool, our organization is different. We accept our member for who they are. We also encourage parents to communicate with their children. Getting to college doesn’t mean are already fully independent. Read these articles to check the signs if your child is into drugs to prevent it while it can be stopped: and