Things About College We Can Relate To

college student

College is both amazing and dreadful. We receive hundreds of tweets and hilarious messages about their experiences in college. We would like to start our post with something fun. We hope you enjoy the list.

Studying with background music is a good idea, but you realize you didn’t learn at all.

Yes, it happens to us everyday. We want to study and want to play some music to waken up our sleepy head, but always end up singing the songs. The solution we found to solve this problem is to play something without words.

Social media can be a major distraction.

Are we alone in this? You are studying and you heard your phone beep, then you check it what it was. You saw a  hilarious picture your friend posted, then you started browsing and browsing and forgot about your studies. The truth is anything that is not a book can be your enemy while studying. We suck at this ourselves but try to manage your time and focus.

We like attending in classes if the professor knows how to make everyone get a good laugh.

We hate to admit it but we are guilty of favoritism. We like professors who have sense of humor and look forward to their classes. For terror professors, we find ourselves slapping our faces to help us not to doze off and attract attention.

Saturdays should be a day of fun but bed keeps you from going.

This is our regular dilemma every Saturday. We want to go out, eat something nice, probably shop around if the allowance allows it but it’s really hard to get up. On weekdays we have to stay on schedule to meet our classes and Saturday is a day of freedom. But most of the time, those outdoor fun become dreams.

Checking class cards can be a nerve wracking experience.

It’s the time to see how you did in school. Class cards will be a written proof to that. But you are not sure how you did well. Checking your grades sends butterflies in your stomach, the world stops, and the scary music plays until you saw you passed. The sun shines, the party starts, and you would like to do a happy dance but you don’t want to look awkward.

Your back is saying “please don’t have to bring your whole house!”

When the semester is about to end, we are flooded with projects, assignments, and paper works we don’t know how we can possibly accomplish before the deadline. So we bring every references we know. The strap of your bag pack is almost crying for help.